06/06/2017: FEE - Georgia: Economics of Prosperity & Innovation

More information: https://fee.org/events/economics-of-prosperity-innovation-georgia/

Economics of Prosperity & Innovation - Georgia

FEE Seminar (Ages 14 - 17) 
Tuesday, June 6, 2017 Friday, June 9, 2017 
1601 Maple St Carrollton, GA 30118


We live in a connected world, so technology is constantly impacting our lives. In this 3-day seminar at the University of West Georgia (for ages 14-17), you´ll explore the innovative world around you and learn how to harness technology to achieve economic prosperity.
Your 3-day journey will include tackling activities like Scavenger Hunt and the Trading Game. You´ll also have the opportunity to make new friends (and life-long connections) and interact with speakers through open discussion sessions and fun socials. It´s a can´t miss opportunity!
For just $149 (includes meals and housing), you can learn to view the world through a more economically prosperous, vibrant perspective. Travel, hotel, and tuition reimbursement scholarships are also available, and it´s free to apply. We´re accepting applications on a rolling basis until March 31st, so apply today!

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